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Mosquito Control

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We will do an initial application of the mosquito repellent at the beginning to mid of April (to catch and kill any developing larva), dependent on the weather and then the repellent will be automatically reapplied every 21 to 28 days.

We first spray the property perimeter, then the lawn perimeter and finally around the house. As we visit the property we will also patrol for any standing water sources and remove them or disturb them.

Our repellent provider: Southland Organics, an All-Natural insecticide without any harmful chemicals.

Recommended tips for preventing mosquitos on your property:

Used tyres potentially store stagnant water and become mosquitoes breeding ground
A medium-large brown mosquito in the Aedini (formerly classified as Aedes sp.) tribe of mosquitoes (Culicidae).  May be a disease vector.

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