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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes and No. Quotes for simple residential lawn care maintenance or a basic lawn installation are free. If the customer requests an estimate for a more complex project involving retaining walls, multiple trees or shrubs, extensive dirt work, edging, drainage improvements, fencing etc.… then we charge a $250.00 fee. This fee will however be credited towards the final cost of the project.
  • Quotes for firewood, mosquito control, snow removal are still free.
  • While we try to return all calls and inquiries, it often is physically impossible to follow up with every request, especially during the spring and summer rush. Please try and plan your install as early as possible and follow up with your inquiry.

We don’t hydro seed ourselves, however recommend “Affordable Hydro seed” for this service. Whenever we need hydro seeding for any of our projects this is who we use. You can contact Phillip at: 907 232 3246.

For new lawns we evenly apply approximately 1 cubic yard of compost per 1000ft2 lawn area and for “maintenance composting” approximately 1 cubic yard per 3000ft2 lawn.

Compost is a natural fertilizer and will help rejuvenate lawns in combination with our professional aerator.

Composting your lawn once a year or every other year will help return washed out nutrients, improve your lawn’s PH level, and will also help naturally break down built up thatch.

  • The only way to really know what fertilizer to put down is to perform a soil test. This is something the customer can easily do themselves with the help of a soil test kit. These kits can easily be purchased online, are affordable and easy to use.
  • This formula is what will provide good results in most cases:
    • Weekly mowing @ 3”. (collect clippings every other mowing)
    • Thoroughly dethatch lawn with a spring cleanup and conservatively apply general purpose spring fertilizer and lime
    • Aerate your lawn in the fall and conservatively apply general purpose fall fertilizer
    • Compost lawn at least every other year.
    • Make sure to water your lawn regularly
  • Having weeds in a newly installed lawn is unavoidable. The weed seeds get imported with the topsoil and is completely normal and a natural occurrence. The best way to get rid of these weeds is to start a regular and ridged lawn care program with weekly mowing.
  • Don’t use weed control the first season as it can damage the juvenile lawn.
  • We don’t offer landscape design anymore but will be happy to look at your existing drawings and will work with your landscape architect depending on the scope of your project.

The product we use is called “Mosquito Defender” and made by Southland Organics out of Georgia. This product is safe for people, pets, plants and the environment.

It’s an all-natural lemongrass oil based insecticide and our technicians are trained on the proper use of this product and to NOT SPRAY around bee hives as “Defender” will kill bees if they are sprayed directly.

Mosquito Defender is essential oil based which basically suffocates undesirable insects and their larva. Bees will instantly avoid the area sprayed as they will quickly detect the smell of the product.

However this essential oil will then quickly dry, become harmless to the honey bees and they will return quickly.

Southland Organics further includes Geraniol in their products which is a proven attractant to pollinators. This ensures great results with undesirable insects dying and pollinators being attracted back to the area.

Continued, regular use will reliably remove unwanted mosquitos from the treated area.

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