Hofmann Lawn and Landscaping LLC in Wasilla, Alaska

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Veteran owned and family operated 

  • (907) 602 3569

  • Excavation@2x
    Landscape Excavating

    We can execute your master plan and conquer your project in multiple, thought-through phases.

  • Xmas-light@2xb
    Christmas Lighting

    We'll start hanging late fall, and then remove the lights for storage in the Spring.

  • Tree Removal@2x
    Tree Removal

    Working with chainsaws and removing trees is inherently dangerous and should only be done by professionals!

  • Mosquito Control@2x
    Mosquito Control

    We first spray the property perimeter, then the lawn perimeter and finally around the house.

  • Topsoil@2x
    Gravel, Topsoil, & Compost Deliveries

    Topsoil forms the upper 3-10 inches of the earth’s surface and is richer in nutrients than the subsoil beneath it.

First-Class Customer Service And Customer Satisfaction

  • Hay@2x
    Hay Sales

    Mixed grass small square bales, timothy small squares and later this year will also have round bales with a barley, timothy mix available.

  • Lawn Maintenance@2x
    Lawn Maintenance

    Call us for all of your lawn care needs!

  • Snow Plow 2b@2x
    Plowing & Sanding

    Give us a call for all your residential or commercial plowing & sanding needs!

  • Certified Experts@2x
    Handpicked Experts

    We take a lot of pride in handpicking only the best people for the job! 

  • Compost@2x
    Compost Top Dressing

    Top dressing is an application of compost or a blend of soil/compost/sand onto existing turf.

Exceptional Work At A Fair Price

Stump & Tree Removal

Lawn Maintenance/Care & Installation

Wood Fencing



Snow Plowing/Sanding

At Hofmann Lawn and Landscaping LLC, we provide exceptional lawn care, landscaping, seasoned firewood, sanding and snow plowing to Wasilla and Palmer, Alaska and the surrounding areas.

Fully licensed and bonded, we take pride in our work because customer satisfaction is important to us. Our prices are competitive and we service both residential and commercial clients throughout the Matsu Valley.

Call us for regular mowing services, tree removal, landscaping, firewood or snow removal services such as plowing, snow blowing or sanding.

Fast Workers

Multiman teams work fast without sacrificing quality.

Careful Attention

We care for your property like we would care for ours.

Tree & Plant Care

We help your landscaping and yard to thrive.


The Matsu is beautiful, your property should be too!

What Our Clients Say

First-Class Customer Service And Customer Satisfaction!

  • Jarrod Scoggin

Absolutely awesome job with our yard project! These guys are true professionals, hard working and easy to work with. I’d definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get a yard project completed. I know we’ll be using them again!

  • Jeff Rush

Great job on the snow removal for my drive. Normally there is a couple of mountains of snow left behind but not with these guys. Snow is gone. Thank you.

  • Sonja Stavenjord

    The Gathering Place

Hoffman has done a fabulous job keeping my lawns beautiful and parking lot plowed. They go above and beyond to problem solve with you and make sure you are happy with their work. They are so professional, kind and fair. Really a great business to work with. 5⭐️
Sonja Stavenjord @ The Gathering Place

  • Willow Overton

Very professional, friendly and will definitely be calling them again. Thank you!

Second year! Awesome service...not really cold but why not have a fire! thank you

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Hofmann Lawn and Landscaping LLC

Phone: (907) 602 3569

Email: Michael@hllservices.com

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